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Borg Cardona & Co. Ltd. was set up in 1948 by Maurice Borg Cardona and strengthened throughout the years by Stanley Borg Cardona, current Managing Director of the Company.
With over 65 years of experience Borg Cardona & Co Ltd are leading experts in pets and farm animals in general.  Together with knowledge and expertise Borg Cardona & Co. Ltd are currently representing over 40 brands directly related to pet and farm animal nutrition, medicines, utilities, hygiene, safety, comfort and other supplies;  some of which are top quality products commonly used in the market such as Royal Canin, Merial , Camon, Pet Safe, Busy Buddy, Net - Tex, Candioli , Cede, Veronesi, and Travipharma.
Our mission statement
Since our start we have always had the opportunity to follow Royal Canin brand values , thus this made our mission statement in line with the one issued by Royal Canin  ( seen below)
Right since its founding, Royal Canin has been committed to an approach leading to Health Nutrition, with a view to giving the most precise and adequate nutritional answers to the specific requirements of dogs and cats. These answers rely on two clear and complementary sources: Observation and Science. Health Nutrition does result in an in-depth knowledge of the animal, enriched by the expertise of breeders and professionals, as well as by numerous works in partnership with scientists. "The Animal Comes First" and "Knowledge and Respect" are the founding principles of the brand's ethics and govern the development of every innovation.

Our expertise in health and animal nutrition

The company's management is formally run by Stanley Borg Cardona and his sons Nigel Borg Cardona and Andrew Borg Cardona.
Besides from distributing in all pet shops around Malta and Gozo, Borg Cardona Co. Ltd currently run three retail outlets, two in Balzan of which one is an Animal Pharmacy and a retail outlet in Marsa. The shops are very popular with clients seeking the best products for their pets where the staff excel in guiding clients in making the right purchases and help by giving advice on their pets.   In fact, because of the knowledge and guidance the Company is also approached by various first time pet owners who are asking for genuine guidelines about how to take care of their pets.  The staff ensures that any advice and service given is done ethically to ensure safety for the pet and his owner and most important to make sure the pet will benefit from the suggestion.

Over the years, the Company has been involved in extracurricular activities to help NGO's and fundraising activities through sponsorships, donations, events and other means.  This is very important as many employees consider their love for animals as part and parcel of their job.

Both Nigel Borg Cardona and Andrew Borg Cardona are frequently seen on TV programs which are related to pets where they give a slice of their knowledge to all those who are interested in listening.

Our Team
In order to provide expert advice, personalized support, genuine guidelines, support and organise events and additional activities, the Company employs professional staff that are qualified in the sector especially in  pet nutrition and care , pharmaceuticals , agriculture and marketing.

Trade Enquiries ( Ta qali' ) : 21445816

Pet Shop, Balzan : 21442698
Pet Shop, Marsa : 21246760
Animal Pharm Pharmacy : 21449058

Customer care : 21414753

Email : sales@borg-cardona.com
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