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Biokat's Cat Litter

Biokat's  Premium Cat Litter

In 1986, Biokat’s launched the first clumping cat litter on the German market in the form of Biokat’s Classic.

Biokat’s compact followed in 1996, the first fine-grained clumping cat litter on the German market. Today, Biokat’s compact and Biokat’s Classic enjoys a high level of awareness amongst German specialist retailers.

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Beaphar Pet's Products

Beaphar has been passionate about pets for more than 70 years. During this time, we have developed, manufactured and marketed pharmaceuticals, healthcare products and super premium complete foods to help improve the lives of all types of pets. We are proud of this heritage and the high quality, extensive range of products that we now offer to pet owners all over the world.  

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Brinsea® Products Inc, the Incubation Specialists have been focusing on egg incubator design continuously since 1976, resulting in egg incubators, chick brooders and incubation accessories offering you unparalleled practicality, reliability, superior hatch rates and healthy chicks.


Hatching your own eggs is fun, easy and affordable with Brinsea®!

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Now your dog has the added power to fight the increasing threat of ticks and fleas moving from the backwoods into the backyard.

CERTIFECT offers fast-acting, long-lasting protection to:

Start killing ticks within 6 hours — completely killing them in 18 hours*​Kill adult fleas, flea eggs and larvae with the same complete flea control found in FRONTLINE Combo.  Kill troublesome parasites that may transmit Lyme disease, Babesiosis, Rocky Mountain spotted fever, and ehrlichiosis.  Cause ticks to detach and die.  Provide waterproof effectiveness.  Keep killing all month long.

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Camon Group offers every possible solution and customized replies to Pet owners and lovers

Camon specialises in quality products for pets that you need for bedding , grooming , hygene, cleaning comfort and utility.  Visit their range of products available that can be supplied by Borg Cardona & Co. Ltd. 

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Cede Premium Egg food

CéDé® was founded in 1954 in Tilburg (Netherlands) as a family owned and operated company.  The various CéDé® products have been developed through close cooperation with nutrition experts and bird breeders.  A modern production facility was inaugurated in Evergem (Belgium) in 2000.  The exchange of knowledge and experience with bird lovers has ultimately helped CéDé® emerge as the market leader of egg food for birds: CéDé®, the standard in quality!

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Pet utilities and accessories- Ferribiella

Ferribiella mission is to satisfy the most demanding needs of animals, in compliance with international safety and environmental compliance with quality standards that we always say.  Ferribiella is an other quality brand that is currently represented by Borg Cardona & Co. Ltd.

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Cat and dog interactive toys

Frolicats are toys your cat will flip for!

This is a new exciting laser toy.  Place DART on the floor, turn it on and watch the chase begin! Variable speeds and timer settings offer 16 exciting play combinations.  We guarantee your cat will go crazy and enjoy it to the full! 

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GimDog is a Gimborn brand - the pet specialist! What drives us is the harmonious cohabitation of people and dogs. At our headquarters in Emmerich, we create products that comprehensively support the development of your dog in a species-appropriate way.

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Good nutrition also means making the right choice: at GimCat you'll find the right offer for every occasion – from tasty snacks to enjoy between meals, to functional food for many different areas of use. So cats feel great all the time!  

If the cat is happy, its owner is too

The GimCat product range provides you with the best conditions for ensuring your pet has everything it needs!  For more information visit : 

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Kong Premium Educational Toys

Since our first KONG Classics hit the market in 1976, KONG has donated toys and treats for charitable causes everywhere.  Kong toys are used in pet related, K9, Dog Trainers , Kennel clubs, Veterinarians and more.  Kong Toys are found at Borg Cardona Pet Shop also distributed in all Malta and Gozo.  Read more about KONG
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Within Kruuse there are a phenomenal 12,000 catalogue numbers housed in our warehouses, ranging from veterinary instruments, consumables, animal hospital equipment for small and large animals to unique pet accessories. 

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Merial is a global animal health company.  Merial's portfolio of biologicals (vaccines) spans a history of many innovative successes, which have led to a range of vaccines and parasite treatments which are used by leading veterinarians and trusted by pet and animal owners.  Some known products are Nexgard Spectra, Nexgard, Broadline, Frontline Tri-Act, Frontline Combo, Frontline Spot On.  

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Nettex has been formulating and manufacturing animal health products for over 30 years from their laboratories in Kent. We pride ourselves on our expertise in supplying the highest quality products at affordable prices, which is what today’s horse owner expects.

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Norbrook - Vet Products

The only home-grown British pharmaceutical company

Since its foundation over 40 years ago, our company has grown to be one of the worlds leading pharmaceutical companies. Norbrook® Laboratories has established itself as a global leader in the development of revolutionary veterinary and animal health medicines.

More information on about Norbrook : http://www.norbrook.com/

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Kiki Bird Food

GZM SL is a company dedicated to Pet Food production, its been in the market for over 50 years
under the brand name KIKI.
Currently , the firm GZM SL combines the experience and the latest technologic systems for storing
processing and packaging seeds. As a result it is considered one of the most advanced production 
plants worldwide.
The company has a total of 20,000 m2, of which 8,000 m2 are intended for production and storage.
We offer professionalism and commitment, ensuring we can meet all your requirements.

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Pharmacross Malta

At Pharmacross we have chosen to drive our future, setting our boundaries on the principle of free thinking.  We have clear in mind that that the current business model will not be the same tomorrow. We have given ourselves clear principles to strive the evolution of the Company and be coherent with our mission of Raising Standards.

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Premier Busy Buddy Educational toys

Premier Busy Buddy Educational toys

Dogs will have hours of pleasure with Premier® Play & Challenge Toys by PetSafe®. But that’s not all. They will also benefit in different ways when they play with this range of toys, whether it’s improving their health or keeping them alert and active. They’ll even be rewarded with tasty treats dispensed as they play. 
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Petreet - Real tuna in pouches and cans

Founded in 2010, Petreet guarnatees you are sure of always having a high percentage of premium ingredients in all the varieties on offer.   Products are available in tins or pouches.

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Pet Safe

PetSafe offers products to train, contain and keep your pets happy and healthy. From bark collars and pet doors to containment systems and the first ever likable pet treat, our goal is strengthen the relationship between you and your pets. 

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Royal Canin

Royal Canin Premium food

Royal Canin expertise since the last 40 years provides the best health nutrition for your cats and dogs. Values include excellence in health nutrition, knowledge and respect, quality and saftey charter and putting cats and dogs first.

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Vitality Line

Vitality Line 

Vitality Line is unique in providing brite dogTM , complimentary feed for dogs and cats.  Brite Dog is an excellent source of the omega 3 fatty acids EPA and DHA of
fi sh oil source. It is an important supplement to support optimal pet health.

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According to Veronesi’s corporate philosophy, a considerable part of our business efforts is piped into research: constant technological upgrading is indeed key to quality improvement. Feed preparation is a crucially important process because healthy, nutritious feed considerably increases meat quality.

Our company produces feed for all food-producing animals, for all the steps of the husbandry process and for the most common pets. Our range also includes certified GMO-free products. 

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Trade Enquiries ( Ta qali' ) : 21445816

Pet Shop, Balzan : 21442698
Pet Shop, Marsa : 21246760
Animal Pharm Pharmacy : 21449058

Customer care : 21414753

Email : sales@borg-cardona.com
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