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About Kippy Pet Finder

Never lose Pets !

With Kippy Pet Finder you will not lose your pets again.


Kippy Pet is the new locating device for pets, just fasten it to the collar, to locate pets from smartphones or from PC.  Kippy application for smartphones can track virtual limits for pets, detect his / her movements during the day and locate him when necessary.


Now Available in Malta

Exclusive distributors : Borg Cardona & Co. Ltd

Available from Borg Cardona & CO. Ltd pet shop Balzan.  Soon available in leading outlets in Malta and Gozo.

Contact us now on 21442698, 21445816 or sales@borg-cardona.com for more information

Download user manual
Trade Enquiries ( Ta qali' ) : 21445816

Pet Shop, Balzan : 21442698
Pet Shop, Marsa : 21246760
Animal Pharm Pharmacy : 21449058

Customer care : 21414753

Email : sales@borg-cardona.com
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