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Pet Obesity Awareness Month

Pet obesity awareness month officially launched.

This month main veterinarians and clinics have teamed up together for a common cause – Obesity risk awareness in Cats and Dogs.  The main cause of the campaign is to educate pet owners about the importance of maintaining healthy cats and dogs that meet their ideal body weight thanks to adequate health nutrition and exercise.  This is extremely important to prevent other serious problems that lead to  respiratory problems, heart disease, high blood pressure, cancer and more.  A full list of the participating clinics can be found at  www.borg-cardona.com or provided by email upon request sent to email mentioned further down.

What does the term obesity mean ?

Obesity can be defined as an excess of body fat that is enough to impair health, welfare and quality of life. It can affect all types of pet, and the main cause is from eating too much or not exercising enough, although some diseases can also cause obesity.  Obesity is generally 20-25 per cent above ideal bodyweight.

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How does it work?

Like in humans weight loss is a process which cannot be achieved in a few days.  Therefore though the campaign focus is launched during June 2014, support and follows up is also available during the coming months till your pets are back to their healthy shape.

We use everyone to ask their vet more information about the Royal Canin Pet obesity campaign and learn more how they can claim their free bonus points, gifts and scientific information pack by Royal Canin.


Fantastic competition for a free night at the Corinthia Palace Hotel and Spa coming soon

We will shortly be launching  a competition for all pet owners where there Is also a fantastic opportunity to win a free night at the Corinthia Palace hotel and Spa , Attard that kindly donated a free night with your loved one and you can also bring along your dog.  Anyone interested can start submitting your participation by simply sending us an email on competitions@borg-cardona.com or leave a comment  on our facebook page  to have more information and they will be contacted personally and provided with more information.  More information about this campaign can be attained by looking for #royalcaninobesitymonth on facebook or calling on 21414753. 


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List of participating vets

Please download the list of participating clinics from the below file.  We are updating clinics daily.  Don't forget to mention Royal Canin obesity month to claim your free bonus points, slow down bowl and much more !  Wait before you go ... we would like to introduce Gizmo story and how he ended up in gaining weight.  Does this sound familiar ?   LET'S MEET GIZMO !

CLick here to download list.
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Customer care : 21414753

Email : sales@borg-cardona.com
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