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The Floyd Campaign

Who is Floyd? 
Besides from being a very lucky Maine coon cat, Floyd took part in several European and International cat shows and managed to achieve admirable results in just a few months.  Confirmed by judges, these results were only an outcome of dedication, excellent grooming, exercise and an excellent health nutrition program specific to his breed and needs and indubitably lots of love from his owners, Nevise Borg Caligari and Pierre Borg. It is usually the custom at TICA cat shows, that with every final placing, the cat gets a reward in form of food, treats etc. Floyd’s owners decided that since Floyd was lucky enough to be treated like a King, all his winnings in form of cat food, treats etc were donated to help the abandoned animals. And that is how the Floyd Campaign kicked off. 
What is The Purpose of The Floyd Campaign?
Floyd & other cats and dogs living with us at home are family members and are treated likewise.  Sadly, not every cat and dog is provided with the same amount of love and care.  Plenty of animals (sometimes even pure breeds) are dumped in streets or in animal sanctuaries daily without food and a loving owner.  
The Floyd Campaign is a philanthropic initiative brought by Pink Panther Team Malta, Borg Cardona & Co Ltd and Royal Canin Malta.  The aim of this campaign is to improve the general especially the well being of cats and dogs that are currently residing in sanctuaries and shelters and other stray cats and dogs which are found abandoned in the streets.
By means of this Campaign, Floyd will be helping cats and dogs that are less fortunate thru the following actions:-
Provide better nutrition for the cats and dogs in need
Provide better health and hygiene alternatives for the cats and dogs in need
Provide a better lifestyle for these cats and dogs in need
Create more awareness towards the animal welfare community.
How does it work?
When you buy your food for your cats and dogs look for the sticker with The Floyd Campaign and you will be automatically helping in donating 5 cents every kilo purchased.  The forcasted amount of kilos sold in 3 months resulted that although the pet owner might perceive the dontation as minimal, when all the bags are summed up it is expected that a considerable amount of funds will be raised.  More info about beneficiaries and funds collected will be published periodically on Facebook/ The Floyd Campaign. .  The funds raised are a donation provided by Borg Cardona & Co. Ltd that  are paying this extra amount out of their own free will without increasing any expenses to the end customer.  Despite the minimal amount donated for each bag sold, in the first 10 days a nice sum of Euro 1140.75 was raised and that will be donated to feeders and animal sanctuaries that are in need at the end of the campaign.

We urge all those who have at heart animal welfare to support and help the purpose of the Floyd campaign by liking and sharing our page Facebook/The Floyd Campaign with your friends and by making the right decision when purchasing your pet food.

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